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Keywords: Semiotics, Advertisement, Billboard, Signs, Icon, Index, Symbol, Codes.Advertisement is one of the most important ways to deliver messages to people by using both visual and written text as public media. The cigarette billboard advertisement does not show their product. The advertisements contain language and image. Cigarette billboard advertisements use signs, icon, symbol and index to deliver the messages to the reader. This study uses theory of signs by Peirce and theory of codes by Chandler to analyze semiotics signs used in some cigarette billboard advertisement on Jalan S. Parman Malang. There are two research problems of study to be solved, (1) what semiotics signs are used in some cigarette billboard advertisements on Jalan S. Parman Malang and (2) What are the meanings of semiotics signs used in some cigarette billboard advertisement on Jalan S. Parman Malang.This study uses qualitative approach. The researcher took document analysis because the purpose of document analysis is identifying specific characteristics of the materials which in this research are semiotics within cigarette billboard advertisement on Jalan S. Parman Malang. As the data, the writer uses the signs found from some cigarette billboard advertisement on Jalan S. Parman Malang. Then, the data sources of this study are some cigarette billboard advertisementon Jalan S. Parman Malang was taken from May 2013.The writer found that there were 29 signs in total consisting of 14 (fourteen) icons, 3 (three) indexes and 12 (twelve) symbols in all three advertisements. By using semiotics, the cigarette advertisement can deliver the message of the product in an effective way without losing the essence of the product itself. Then, to make the readers become more understand about the meaning of the signs in the cigarette billboard advertisements, the writer usescode which is usedto assist in the interpretation of the sign. The code is important to help readers when they analyze the sign employed in the cigarette billboard advertisements.As a conclusion, the writer realizes that the part of semiotic signs is really important to support the advertisement. Each semiotic signs can give the power to guide the viewers to get information. Semiotic sign can persuade or influence the viewers to use the products. Therefore, the writer suggests the next researchers to use other method of collecting the data, like giving interview or questionnaire to the audiences or the viewers. It is hoped that the method cancomplete their research.


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