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Keywords: Grammatical Cohesion, lexical Cohesion, album "Acoustic"The study of language in use is based on authentic data and that data consist primarily of texts. The word 'text' is used in a variety according to whatever it is that the writer wishes to make an implicit contrast with: sentence, discourse, context and lyric of song. A text refers to a unit of language in use for communication in the towns any passage, spoken or written, of whatever length and whatever style and genre that farms a unified whole. Based on the background of the study the researcher wanted to know the types of the cohesion devices which are mostly used in album "Acoustic" by Justin Bieber. The researcher used the descriptive qualitative method and document analysis because the data have been obtained from written document that is song lyrics.The researcher started to analysis the data firstly by identification and classification of cohesion devices in the lyrics then counted it into the frequency of occurrences to find the types of cohesion devices which are mostly used. Secondly, analyzing each type of cohesion devices with their function found in analysis then drawing the conclusion.In conclusion, the researcher some found that the kinds of grammatical cohesion used in album 'Acoustic" by Justin Bieber, such as reference and conjunction. Then, the researcher also found that the kinds of lexical cohesion used in album "Acoustic" by Justin Bieber is reiteration.


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